What is RAM?

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RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is the primary area where the computer stores information as it is processed.

RAM or Random Access Memory

Thin rectangular microchip that is similar in size to a low-fat sugar wafer. They are usually installed (on your motherboard) in pairs. RAM comes in different flavors DRAM, SRAM, VRAM, etc.

Random Access memory or RAM as it is commonly called, is measured in megabytes. A megabyte is the equivalent of one million (1,048,576) bytes. A byte equals one unit of information. A megabyte is the measurement used for RAM, CD-ROMs and Hard Drives.

The miracle of RAM happens when you turn on the computer and double click on your favorite game or program. The contents (information) is temporarily stored in RAM, meaning it is now ready for use and appears on your computer screen.

Your program will remain stored in RAM until you exit (close) the program. Also every thing is removed from RAM when you turnoff the computer, so make sure you save it to your hard drive before closing your application and or shutting off the computer.