What’s Your Verdict on Microsoft Vista?

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windows-vista2In a recent article, titled “Why Vista Gets In My Way“, Guy Kewney talks about how the release of Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows XP represented an improvement from their predecessors.

Guy, does not however, feel the same way about Windows Vista. In case you have been hiding under a rock, Vista is Microsoft’s newest operating system. He goes on to say:

Like many, I have failed to be smitten with the latest Windows version, Vista, and I’m really not amazed and astonished by recent stories of angry users asking for their new PC to have XP on instead.

I use Vista on a home theater PC, I built about nine months ago. I bought it because the version I purchased, Vista Home Premium came with a copy of Media Center. The installation process was simple and to this date, I have yet to have a driver problem or problem installing any new hardware.

I have however, yet to use it as a business productivity platform. I have heard some of the horror stories, but I have also heard some very good things. I think it is like most things, the better we have planned the better our results will be.

For instance, when I built my home theater PC, I made sure that every component was compatible with Vista and that drivers came with the product or were available on the Internet. I also spent time on Vista forums reading how others were fairing with their installations, what worked, what didn’t; the best way to add hardware, the best way to add software.

What has been your experience with Vista? Please share your thoughts, feel free to be candid.

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