The Apple iPhone Hype

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image of new apple iphone 5Just finished skimming an article about the Apple iPhone on PC Magazine, in which the authors called the iPhone “The most over-hyped product of the decade…

The article went on to talk about how lousy the iPhone was at just being a phone. In addition, how poorly it was as an MP3 player, compared to its sibling, the iPod.

It pointed out some other flaws with its inability to show some websites loaded up with Javascript, Java, Flash, streaming media and other plug-ins.

However, it is ironic that products don’t always have to be flawless for them to sell and be popular; they just have to be well…popular…

Despite its flaws, Apple has sold well over a million iPhones and that number will soar when the new version rolls out, along with sales in Europe and Asia of both phones.

Kudos to that great machine called “Marketing Hype”!