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image of microsoft-business-fan-pageWith the introduction of Facebook’s new Timeline for Pages, you might be wondering how that will affect your business. This is a natural concern when you have been happy with your business pages on Facebook until now. Just as your business grows and changes, so does Facebook and their ideas for showcasing your business grow and change.

By adding their new Timeline for Pages, you can actually tell (and show) the story of how your business has grown and changed over time.

People are naturally interested in the history of companies they associate with, and Facebook has decided to take advantage of this interest.  By introducing the new Timeline, they are offering you, as the business owner, the chance to share the story of your business. They have provided milestones that you set along your timeline to highlight any and all important events associated with your business. The first milestone you will be prompted to set is commemorating the date your business was founded.

Watch a Video on How to Change Your Facebook Business Page to Timeline

From that point on, you will be able to choose milestones for any date or event that you deem to be important for your business. Another great innovation is that you can also add photos or logos along your timeline to add interest or to emphasize events, a special logo, or a symbol that might be easily associated with your business. Another great photo to add might be an image of the front or the inside of your business.

The cover image you use for your new Timeline for Pages is very important. It is large and bright and is the first impression anyone visiting your page receives of your business or brand.  You will need to choose a photo that is clear and fits the new larger specifications of a width of at least 851 pixels.

Some features that Facebook has changed are the ability to use landing pages, and no calls-to-action and no contact information is allowed. Obviously, this will have an impact on how you do business on Facebook. Everyone will have adjustments to make with the new Timeline for Pages, but it does offer an opportunity to add a more personal touch to your interactions on Facebook. Another feature that emphasizes the personal aspect of your business is the ability to send or receive personal messages. With a little time and patience, your business might benefit greatly from the new Facebook Timeline.

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