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Image of magnolia-bakery-business-fan-pageEveryone is talking about Facebook’s new Timeline for Pages. It is brand new and different from the Facebook business pages you are used to. Facebook is striving to showcase a more personal way of seeing your business or brand. Many people are anxious about the changes that will occur in their Facebook business accounts on March 30, 2012.

Beginning March 30, Facebook will be automatically converting your existing account to the new Timeline for Pages type of account. Don’t get into a panic, though, because you can preview your new look before it takes place.

If you would like to preview the new Timeline for Pages look, just log in to your existing business account as you normally would. Then you can click on the “Turn on Preview” box. This will allow you to see what your existing page would look like in the new style. You can preview just one page or all of the pages.

This will help you get an idea of how you want to build your new look for the Timeline. Facebook has convenient tours that you can take that will guide you in understanding what Timeline is about and the different features it offers. In this way you can take your time and plan out your new look or, if you think you are ready now, you can just push “publish” and you will be instantly converted. If you choose to do that, you can make any changes you desire at any time.

Watch a Video on How to Change Your Facebook Business Page to Timeline

The basics of the new Timeline for Pages encompasses a more personal approach. Your Cover image is big and bold and will let people know up front something important about your business. It makes a statement, so you might want to consider what you are trying to convey before you choose an image for it. The biggest innovation is the timeline feature itself. Facebook now allows you to place milestones along your timeline that showcase the highlights of your business.

The first milestone will show when your business was founded and you may choose as many others as you like to bring attention to important events in the history of your business. The timeline provides a story about your business. It allows everyone to know when you started and how you have progressed through time. You can also add photographs of your business or logos to enhance your timeline and add interest. Many people are happy with the ability Facebook is providing for you to send and receive private messages and to use your new Activity Log to view insights data.

Facebook is not allowing any contact information or calls-to-action, but they are allowing you to pin posts up on top of the feed for a week at a time. This could prove helpful when you are trying to draw attention to something important. Another big change is that Facebook is no longer allowing you to use an app for a landing page. It will take some time to see what new features are most popular and what old features will be missed, but one thing is for certain… Facebook has made great strides into the future with Timeline for Pages

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