Facebook Milestones: Build Your Story Today

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image of nike-facebook-fan-pageFacebook has created a wonderful new opportunity for you to share your business on a more personal level with their new Timeline for Pages. They have devised a system for sharing the history of your business with the assistance of milestones and photographs. By using milestones along your new Timeline, you can create a sense of telling a story. Your audience will have the opportunity to see how your business has grown and changed over time by the milestones you choose.

Your first milestone will be generated by Facebook asking you for the date that your business was founded. This makes it easy to get started and to begin assembling your story through milestones. There are several events that come to mind that would be perfect for choosing milestones for.

Some events that might be perfect for marking with a milestone might be when your business went public, when acquisitions were made, when buildings were expanded, or when ownership changed hands. There are some fun milestones that you can add also, such as when your company earned its first dollar, when your logo was created or changed and when new services or products were added.

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Some great advice to consider is to try to include events that were happening in the world at certain times. The focus should always remain on your business, but it adds interest to place your business events in the midst of world events that viewers can relate to. How fun is it to embed a few events like man’s first walk on the moon or the introduction of the first laptop computer into the Timeline with your company’s important events? This will certainly make your business timeline more memorable to your viewing audience.

Adding photographs to your timeline is also a good idea for adding interest. People love to see pictures of what a business looked like when it started out compared to what it looks like today. Don’t forget that interior photos are as desirable as exterior ones. Sure, it’s great to see the front of your business with your sign proudly displayed in front, but people are also interested in seeing what it looks like inside too. Another photograph that holds great appeal is one of any partners or staff you might have. This is sure to add a more personal touch and attract potential customers.

Facebook also allows you the option to hide your milestones from the news feeds of your fans …but why? If you build a Timeline complete with well thought out milestones and images connected with your business, then share them

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