Choosing a Great facebook Timeline Cover Photo

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image of walmart-facebook-fan-pageWith all of the excitement over Facebook’s implementation of the new Timeline for Pages, it is important to understand how to get started and maximize your business. Everyone knows how important it is to have a great cover picture on your account, but how do you choose the best photograph to use?

The first step in choosing a great cover photo is to know the rules for cover photographs for the new Timeline for Pages. The size of picture is much larger than the old format called for. The new preferred size is a width of 851 pixels. It is an extremely wide picture and it presents you with an opportunity to draw the viewers’ attention and make a visual statement about your business.

Sometimes a photograph of your company logo makes a good cover image for your account. It allows viewers a chance to mentally link your logo to your business and might well stay in their minds after they have moved on to other pages or sites.

Video on How to Change Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook has implemented some of the following rules for cover photos for your business or brands. They do not allow people to share your cover photo or click “like” on it, to begin with. Facebook also doesn’t allow you to share any contact information or prices or purchase information in your cover photo. As might be expected, they don’t allow any misleading information to appear in your cover image or 3rd party infringement. As you can see, it is extremely important to be, thorough in determining the correct picture to use and how it will affect the viewers. It is a wonderful idea to get the opinions of others about possible cover images before you commit to one.

Family and friends can often be helpful in assisting you in describing how well the cover image suits the business. Photos can be easily replaced to make it possible to try various looks for your Timeline Page. It is also a good idea to be sure that your cover image fits in well with any photos of your business that you plan to place along your timeline. Not only do you want your cover photo to be appealing on its own, and be a good representation of your business or brand, but you want it to blend in with your entire Timeline, so it can be also thought of as a whole, complete package.

After you have chosen what you feel is the very best photo for your cover, don’t be afraid to boast about it to others. Not only will it gain you more traffic on your page, but it might also help you receive some valuable insights into the way others view your cover photograph.

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