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image of coca-cola-facebook-fan-pageUnless you live under a rock, you have probably heard that Facebook has released the new timeline for brands.  So if you are confused or trying to understand how you can adapt to this new format, we will try to provide some guidance on how it works.

First, if you have not chosen to upgrade to the new timeline format, you will have no choice as of March 30, 2012.  So since that date is just around the corner, let’s focus on the things you can do to prepare for the structure change.

  • Photographs or something creative for your cover – Facebook is giving you a chance here to customize a pretty large space on your page, and let’s face it they do not relinquish control on much of anything.  However, here you have 851 x 315 pixels wide to totally create your own cover.  OK, yes there are some things you can’t use here.  You cannot put price, purchase information, go to our website, contact information, no email or mailing address, nothing that really should be on your “about” section.  You are not allowed to have any call to action, and you cannot reference anything to the “like” or “share” buttons.  So just follow the rules, but be creative.
  • Choose your profile image carefully – you may want to choose a great picture for you larger image and use the company logo on the small image.  You might need to play with this somewhat so you are happy with the results.
  • Update your timeline – the main feature in the timeline for brands is that you have a chance to chronicle your history, and while it will only show activity since you joined Facebook, you can select previous years and add important events that have occurred.  A great site to view is Coca-Cola to see how they developed their timeline.
  • Facebook apps need to be presented in order of importance – you can only display four apps at a time, so it is important to prioritize.
  • To activate or not activate the message function – you now have an option to open communication with your fans on a private channel.  It can set expectations and mean additional customer service level support.  You can turn this function off, but you need to address any issues in a public forum instead of the private message area.

Watch a Video on How to Change Your Facebook Business Page to Timeline

As with any change it is going to take a little getting used to.  You might try things that work, and some that do not.  The key is to prepare and plan and be ready before you are forced into the change.  Find the pictures you want, reflect a good picture of yourself that defines who you are and utilize the new features to bring results.

Change is good, and embracing it, finding a way to make it work for you, that is the key and the secret to success

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