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image of apple-computers-facebook-fan-pageWhether you are a business or an individual looking to promote your talents, company, and/or products, the use of Facebook can prove to be exponentially beneficial.  Considering that there are millions of users who are constantly looking for new companies and products to suit your needs you will be able to tap into a gigantic resource of potential clients and/or customers.  With the business pages, Facebook has provided companies and individuals with the opportunity to maximize their computing experience.

Timeline is a brand new layout that Facebook designed in order to provide a more user-friendly and exciting computing experience for individuals all over the world.  With the implementation of the new design, users are provided with an abundance of new features such as adding life events, having an array of showcased photos, and blocking certain information from reaching certain groups of people.  Not only did the Timeline upgrade enhance the experience that the generic user will have but it also helped to make businesses have easier time gathering demographic information about the people that visit their page with the use of tabs.

Watch a Video on How to Change Your Facebook Business Page to Timeline

Tabs essentially allow users to venture to different parts of your Facebook page and then allow you to determine how many individuals visited a particular area of your page.  As an example you will be able to see how many people visited your welcome page or how many people clicked on your information page.

Having the ability to acquire this information will drastically increase your knowledge of what the more popular areas of your Facebook page are.  With this knowledge you will be able to build up the page in order to maximize the customer experience meanwhile provide enough details to the other pages in order to shift traffic to the other areas of your Facebook page.

With the user-friendly nature of Facebook and the implementation of new and innovative features, individuals will be able to have a better navigational experience while they are sifting through the copious amount of business pages on Facebook.

As a company, you will be able to gather the required information in order to ensure that you can maximize the benefits that your Facebook page will provide to current and new customers.  Tabs have helped to make Facebook feel more organized and professional in nature which alone can help a company to acquire a better first impression from new clients and/or investors

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