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Tips for Buying Barebones Computers

Building a Computer From the Bottom Up

How to Avoid Losing Data During Thunderstorms and Blackouts

Build Your Own Computer or Buy?

Building A Computer - Picking Components

Computer Peripherals

How To Maintain Your Computer!

Warning Signs of a Computer Breakdown!

Laptop or Desktop - The Debate Continues!

Tips on using Bluetooth Enabled Printers!

PC Repair Guide

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How I Lost $5,500 on the Internet!

How To Be Safe When Banking Online!

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7 More things you should know about Microsoft Word!

Back-up Important Data

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Technology Help Center

FREE Computer Training Online

Online Training Now!

A list of places and sites that that provide personal computer training for little (FREE) or no cost at all. Who so ever will, let them come...

Free Computer Education and Training
Gain Access to over 50,000 Free Computer I/T Training Resources. Perform the Free Search Now! - Click Here!
On this site you can Learn Programming for Free - how to Develop and Write Computer Programs and IT Applications. Whether you're going for technical certification or teaching yourself programming, web design, or networking, here you will find plenty of web resources.

Education Online for Computer Software
We offer you both Free and subscription-based educational training and tutorials, on the menus at left, for the most popular computer software applications and productivity tools.

PC Show & Tell
Allows anyone to download short tutorials on how to use popular software for free.

Public Education Network
Their site has documents and links to help you develop training curricula for technology-related professional development.

City of Austin - Computer Classes
Computer Training at the Austin Public Library. The following Austin Public Library locations offer free computer training classes to adults 17 and over.

CLASS Training: Computer Courses and Training Services
Members Tips | | Free Tutorial Centre | Free Quick Tricks | | CLASS Training Home ... CLASS Training is the only dedicated computer training centre in the region.

Free Online Learning at
Provides free, web-based career and computer training. Self-paced or instructor-supported. Covers Microsoft applications, computer, email, and money basics.  

CompuSkills computer training center, Denver's best training classes
An affiliate of Colorado Free University, providing computer and software training to businesses and residents, detailing registration, training programs, and training lab rentals.

Free Computer Training Classes and Courses Online
basic Learn computer Catholic Saints operations such as buying. a computer, Windows and the Internet. Free online training on Microsoft Office Word Excel PowerPoint.

Computer Training Classes in Maryland - MD Software Training
... for professional, instructor-led computer training classes ... Education Credits ; Free practice time ; Free retakes ; Corporate accounts available; Customized classes available; Training.  

Computer Magic Training - Computer Training in San Jose for PC & Mac
Personalized, hands-on PC and Mac computer training with friendly, patient trainers.

Free online computer courses, training and e-learning
Free online computer courses, e-learning & training.
Jobsite - Free online computer courses, training and e-learning ...
Free online computer courses, e-learning & training. Sign up for free training and learning courses.

Free Computer Training and Courses Online
Learn computer programming for free - how to develop and write computer programs and applications. Find Computer Training and other software development resources.

Free Online Computer Training Course: Learn Basic Computer Skills
Learning Create Collaborate. Create and deliver your own e-learning using Browse thousands of lessons.

Free Online Courses and Computer Training Tutorials
Try free online courses and computer training tutorials at no charge. ... Try ALL of the online tutorials listed below for FREE.
Free Online Computer Courses
Free Online Computer Courses ... An online technology course can help brush up your computer skills in no time.