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If you have looked at other computer and computer careers related sites, chances are good that -- unless you are already a die-hard techie -- you have thrown your hands up in frustration.

Also, as someone who is thinking about changing to a computer career, you would also like to know if this technology is really useful, and therefore whether there is or soon will be a great job demand for people with this skill in the near future.

If so, you might then want to learn the necessary technical skills. You don't expect to learn a highly technical subject in depth from browsing a few web sites.

The point is, it can be difficult to locate basic, overall information about a technical subject, written for people who do not already know the subject, but who simply want a big picture overview of how the subject fits into the computer field.

That's what these articles are designed to do.

Disclaimer: The IT industry and technology are changing at an ever-increasing rate. Keeping up is a more than full-time job. Some of these articles are already behind the times.

I'm adding to them as fast as I can but I don't have time to update each and every detail.

These articles are meant as basic introductions only. If you want to learn these subjects in depth, you need one or more of the thick $50 books you can find on Amazon or in your local super bookstore or to take a class in it.

Since I'm not a techie (and no techie alive knows and understands all these subjects in depth anyway), I write basically as a journalist. Writing as a non-techie for not yet techies. I've written 130 articles altogether. Naturally, out of 130, some are better than others. I've selected 55 of the best.

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