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Becoming PC Certified

If you have looked at other computer careers related sites, chances are good that -- unless you are already a die-hard techie -- you have thrown your hands up in frustration

Tech Careers

Is a Computer Career the Best Choice for You?

Maybe hiring your own career counselor is too expensive for you. Good news, you have an advantage my uncle and grandfather didn't have back in the 1940s -- the Internet...more


Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Techie?

This helps you discover where you fall in all these areas, so you can select the career most suited to your personality and abilities...more


Which Computer Career Is Right For You?

"At Last, Your Guide to Changing to a Computer Career. Set Your Computer Career Goals and Learn the Quickest Way to Achieve them. Save Time and Money."..more

Computer Certifications

Computer Certification FAQ's

This FAQ excerpted and adapted with permission from chapter 1 of Get Certified and Get Ahead: Millennium Edition , by Anne Martinez (McGraw-Hill, 1999). All rights reserved.


Available Certifications

If you have looked at other computer and computer careers related sites, chances are good that -- unless you are already a die-hard techie -- you have thrown your hands up in frustration...more

Computer Training Schools is the source for computer schools, certifications and training programs.


John'z Certification Page

In this section, I provide some insight into the certifications I have obtained.

Keys to Certification Success

Don't just get certified, get the right certification, the right way. Find out what successful computer professionals know about certification, and use it to your advantage.

This e-book, Keys to Certification Success: How to Get (Happily) Certified will give you all the tools you need to advance in the fast-moving, lucrative arena of computer professional certification.

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