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E-Mail Speak

BTW - by the way
BRB - be right back
TYVM -thank you very much
YW - you're welcome
LOL- laughing out loud
L8R - later
NRN - no reply necessary
SOS - same old stuff

AYPI? - and your point is?
ATM - at the moment
BAC - back at computer
B4 - before
BBFN - bye bye for now
BC - be cool
GMTA - great minds think alike
HTH - hope this helps
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Is a Computer Career the Best Choice for You?

Maybe hiring your own career counselor is too expensive for you. Good news, you have an advantage my uncle and grandfather didn't have back in the 1940s -- the Internet.

I've discovered a site that is a tremendous resource to anyone looking to start or change careers.

You can take an online career planning course. Use the Career Finder skills and interests aptitude assessment tool. Browse through the extensive library of career profiles.

Career Finder helps you match your skills and interests to the career options right for you -- 10 to 100 different options.

You can then find an extensive description of each option, employment and salary outlook and read an interview with someone working in that career

You create a blueprint to success -- and a backup.

It's a career counselor in a web site. Check it out: