Starting an IT Career in 2014? What are the Basics?

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With the New Year brings resolutions to do things such as lose weight or find a new career.  If you are interested in starting an IT career in 2014, there are several things that you should focus on to gain the knowledge that will allow you to succeed in this wonderful industry.

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IT Certifications

If you are new to the IT industry you need to first get a firm understanding on how computers work.  To be effective in the IT industry, you will need to know computer hardware and software both very well.

To get a crash course in basic computer hardware and software, you could work to obtain your CompTIA A+ certification.  A CompTIA A+ certification allows you to learn the basics of computers so that you can effectively begin to troubleshoot both hardware and software.

After you have completed the A+ certification, you will be comfortable disassembling a desktop computer and reassembling it with relative ease.  Once you have completed the A+ certification, you can work to obtain other certifications which can further your skills and value in the IT industry.

Some of the other certifications which are available for IT professionals include:


If you are looking to get into the IT industry, what better way to get experience than by volunteering to work with non-profit organizations or local businesses that need IT help.  While this may not generate much income, it is a great way to gain experience fixing computers and allows you to get in front of the very people that are making business decisions.  These people will be much more likely to call you in the future for computer problems if you have already proven yourself by volunteering your time.

Prepare a Quality Resume

Your resume is likely the most important piece of paper that can make the difference between snagging a great IT job and not getting a call back at all.  It is very important to keep your resume current and to include any certifications or other computer related coursework that you have completed or are currently pursuing.


When looking for an IT job it is very important to get out and network with other IT individuals.  Networking can take many forms including going to job fairs, seminars and other places where IT people tend to mingle.  It is also important to speak with friends and family that are in need of IT services.  If you can prove yourself to friends and family they will tend to give your name to others which could eventually lead to a full time job.

Apply For Temporary Positions

One way to get into the IT industry is to apply for a temporary position with either a staffing agency or a company that is in need of IT services.  If you prove yourself as a temporary employee, you can almost guarantee that you will be offered a full time job which often comes with benefits and a well paying salary.


The IT industry is a growing, but challenging industry.  If you are able to gain the necessary certifications while also focusing on networking, you should be able to land a job in this industry in a relatively short amount of time.  Even after you find a job in IT, it is important to constantly focus on learning new technologies so that you do not get left behind as technology evolves.

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