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Inside Your Computer

The Central Processing Unit (CPU)



  • Central Processing Unit
  • Floating Point Unit
  • Microprocessor
  • Little Square Computer Chip

What Is It?

A small wafer-thin chip with lots of pins on one side of it.  The CPU is actually an integrated circuit containing millions of transistors.

What Does It Look Like?

Click Here To See A Enlarged Picture
Click Here To See A Larger Picture

What Does It Do?

CPU, Microprocessor, Processor or whatever name you decide to give it, is where all the action begins.  Its function is to execute programs stored in the main memory by fetching their instructions, examining them, and then executing them one after another.

One must think in terms of human anatomy, it is essentially the brain of your computer. Just like the brain controls your body, the CPU essentially controls and directs all the functions of your computer.

Who Makes Them?

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