List of Motherboard Manufacturers

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My Motherboard List

Note: Some of these Motherboard Manufacturers links, may take you off of this website.

Important Motherboard Information!

Please note that motherboard manufacturers come and go all the time.  As a result I am constantly updating this page. If you should click on a link and it is broken, please email me or tweet meet to let me know and I will get it fixed for you.

In cases where a motherboard company has either gone out of business or changed their business model, I have attempted to back-fill the link with any useful information about that motherboard maker I could find.

The substitute page in many cases will at least have information about the last set of:

  • Motherboards made by the company (in most cases)
  • Motherboard BIOS Updates
  • Motherboard Drivers
  • News About the Motherboard Company’s business Status (sometimes)

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