Monster Cables, Monster Ripoff: 80% Markups

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LCD or DLP HDTVThis post appears on a blog called: The Consumerist the author’s post sheds some light on the extremely high mark-up of Monster Cables.

In some cases the mark-up is as high as 80%.  Some of the post appears at the bottom.

I have never used nor have I purchased Monster Cables.  I have a 50 inch DLP TV and I do use thicker cables, but I must ask the question:  are Monster cables that much better than other cables?  and If so, are they worth what people are paying for them?

Please share thoughts… Thanks!

——– The Post ——————————-

Some cables, like the 19ft HDMI-DVI cable, have markups as high as 80%. Retail: $179.99. Wholesale, $99.40, a profit of $80.54. Or consider the 16 ft S-Video cable, which Radio Shack buys for $61.24 and sells for $114.99. We found non-name brand versions of both on for under $20. It’s not just limited to Radio Shack, Best Buy charges the same retail price, and, presumably, gets them for a similar wholesale price.

Here’s the thing: digital cables, by definition, have no signal loss. A cable is either digital or it’s not. As long as its built to HDMI standards, the only difference between a “fancy” digital cable and a no-name one is the price…more

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