Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

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Image of Windows ME Operating System

Windows ME, short for millennium edition was dubbed the most radical upgrade yet in the Windows 9x family.  It was designed for the individual home user (not for business), packed with many features to make the home user cry Bravo!  Instead when the smoke cleared the home user was crying for Microsoft’s head.

I recently read an article titled “Windows ME, The Name Says It All”.  Having read the article I agree, the name does say it all…well at least the ME portion of the name.  Yes the name says it all “ME and only ME”; Windows ME can be such a selfish little operating system.

Windows ME at times only cares about itself, choosing to pout and not run correctly on many occasions, especially when you do something to it that it doesn’t like, such as adding a new piece of hardware or installing a new software program.  When Windows ME works, it works great.  However, when it doesn’t, the experience can leave you scarred for life.

Windows ME Features

Windows ME has some nice features among them are digital multimedia enhancements, this helps you to get the most out of devices such as digital cameras and musical devices like MP3 players.  Windows ME comes with enhanced home networking and internet wizards, to make things easier for the home user.

The most important feature of Windows ME is it’s ability to fix what you have broken.  The new System Restore feature allows you to turn back the clock (so-to-speak) and repair or return your computer to a working state (get you up and running again).  This proved handy if your machine was rendered un-bootable due to deleted system files, if you add incompatible hardware or software.

Features At A Glance

  • System Restore
  • Enhanced Home Networking and Internet Tools
  • Enhanced Multimedia Features

My Windows ME Experience

I have run Windows ME on a number of custom computers, with a number equipment configurations.  I must say that when Windows ME has worked, it has worked great.

I have found it to be a very smooth and robust operating system.  I especially like the System Restore utility.  However, I have also had my share of headaches while using Windows ME.

My recommendation is simple:

  • If you are interested in running and using Windows ME, then buy a computer that comes pre-installed with it.  This assures you that the hardware will be battle tested (compatible).  Now a-days this may be hard to do because as of October 25, 2001 (actually earlier) most new computers are being shipped pre-loaded with Windows XP.
  • Upgrade any software that is questionable, to newer versions.
  • Never install Windows ME on a shaky hardware configuration, you already are having problems, add Windows ME and you will have troubles.
  • Always and I do mean always keep a current backup (use System Restores restore point feature).

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