Microsoft Windows 95

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Windows 95 was Microsoft’s second-generation operating system.  Windows 95 was a significant improvement over Windows 3.x in the areas of reliability, memory usage and network/internet support.  This was the first wholesale revision of the windows operating system in over ten years.  Windows 95 offered an improved interface, better multitasking, communications consistency and a host of other features.

Windows 95 was the first time an operating system was designed with the average everyday customer in mind.  It was designed to provide the home and office user with the widest range of use while providing the most reliable environment possible on a personal computer.

When Microsoft set out to create Windows 95, they had three specific goals in mind:

1. Compatibility – Windows 95 was designed to be virtually one hundred percent compatible with most computer equipment (hardware); as well as be backward compatible with all Windows 3.x software applications (programs).

2. Reliability – With Windows 95, users experienced significantly fewer computer crashes.

3. Ease Of Use – With new features such as a modified Graphical User Interface (GUI, pronounce Gooey) and Plug and Play technology, Windows 95 was much easier to use and configure than it’s predecessor Windows 3.x.

What Versions of Win 95 Were Available?

Original Version of Windows 95: Microsoft Windows 95 4.00.950

Service Pack 1 Version (A): Microsoft Windows 95 4.00.950a

Original Equipment Manufacture Service Release, AKA ORS2 Version (B): Microsoft Windows 95 4.00.950b

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