Microsoft Windows 2000

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Image of Windows 2000 Operating System

Windows 2000 was simply the best operating system I have ever used until Windows XP came along. For years the business world had longed for an operating system with plug and play capabilities of just like Windows 98, but with the reliability and security of Windows NT. That wish became a reality when Windows 2000 was born.

In my personal opinion, Windows 2000 Professional was simply the best operating system I have used. It was the standard that all future operating systems are judged by.  Now don’t get me wrong; Windows 2000 was far from perfect. For one, It requires a great deal of hard drive space (650MB) and a pretty powerful processor to run.

Microsoft Windows 2000 could run on a computer with a 133Mhz Central Processing Unit (CPU) and 64 Megabyte of Random Access Memory (RAM).  Trying to run Windows 2000 on a computer with these specification will only aggravate you.  The optimum configuration for Windows 2000 is a 500Mhz CPU (or higher) and no less than 128 MB of Random Access Memory.

Can You Say Four…

Windows 2000 came in four versions, (YES 4); they were Professional, Server, Advanced Server and Data Center Server.

Windows 2000 Professional

The workstation version of 2000, this version would be installed on your actual computer.  It uses a new graphical user interface (GUI) similar to Windows ME.  Overall, I have found Windows Professional to be very reliable and user friendly.

Windows Server, Advanced Server and Data Center Server

These three versions were for managing and administrating client server environments (networks).  Depending on the size of your company and the type of business, you would choose one of the three.

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