Microsoft Trys To Down-Play Excel 2007 Bug Problem!

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microsoft-officeBelow is just a brief blurb on a problem that some users uncovered when using Microsoft Excel 2007. It seems that when certain numbers are multiplied together they are calculated correctly, but get displayed incorrectly on the computer screen.

Microsoft is saying that this is no big deal… If it looks wrong on screen or when you print it, doesn’t that make it wrong?

What do you think? If the two numbers that were being multiplied together were calculating your pay check, would it matter to you?

The Story Intro appears below…

Those relying on Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to crunch their numbers can breathe a little easier, as a recently discovered bug in the program does not affect calculations, the spreadsheet’s developers revealed.

Last week, an individual on the Microsoft.public.excel newsgroup pointed out that when two numbers in Excel were multiplied they resulted in what appeared to be an incorrect answer.

While GCN reported that this was an error in calculation, according to the developers, it is actually an error in how Excel formats and displays the product of the multiplication.