How “Learn to Program” Sites Help Promote STEM Ed

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The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool which can benefit almost any industry. In recent years, there has been a huge spike in websites devoted to teaching computer programming skills online. This has allowed individuals to learn new programming languages in the comfort of their own homes for free. This has not only resulted in more people learning valuable programming languages, but it has also created a renewed interest in STEM programs in our schools.

There are several web sites currently offering programming tutorials online. The most popular web sites are and has achieved success largely in part to the backing from very influential tech gurus such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Both of these websites are working to expose each and every school around the world to the benefits of coding. Studies show that computer jobs are growing at two times the national average which could create a shortage of 1.4 million computer jobs by 2020.

With the struggling economy, hundreds of thousands of people are currently out of work. While many of these people may not have computer skills, websites like and are trying to change that. Using these interactive online tools, almost anyone is able to learn coding in a way that could ultimately lead to new career opportunities.

There is no doubt that computer programming will continue to be absolutely vital to the world economy, so it is always a smart move to learn as much as possible about this incredible industry. STEM schools are working incredibly hard to empower the nation’s youth with the skills needed to excel in a technologically driven economy.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM schools are working to help kids think critically and gain skills which will benefit them in the long run. With such a shortage in computer programming jobs, STEM schools see coding as a huge opportunity to empower our country’s youth with applicable skills which will make obtaining a job much easier than ever before. With 41 of 50 states not allowing coding classes to count towards high school graduation, the nation has a long way to go in terms of recognizing this vital industry.

If you were to look online for jobs on any of the popular job sites, you would quickly see that there are literally thousands of open jobs for computer programmers. This is because of the incredible shortage of workers possessing coding skills. With less than 3% of college students graduating with computer science degrees, it is no surprise that there are so many open jobs in this field. For anyone who is technologically savvy and looking for a job, computer programming should be at the top of the list for potential opportunities.

While many jobs have become automated or shipped overseas, there is no substitute for a critical thinking programmer that can build systems and applications which make the world a much better place. The demand for these critically thinking individuals will never wain and this is the reason why is so focused on encouraging coding among our young people. Through the various resources online, anyone who masters coding will have a huge opportunity to excel in today’s workplace.

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