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Get IT Training at Your Public Library!

Image of local library computer roomIf you want to get more experience with computers, there’s a fantastic resource in your town… your local public library!

Today’s Public Libraries are About More than Books

Libraries aren’t just for books anymore. Libraries are all about spreading knowledge, so when the computer revolution happened, they were among the first to make computer access free to the general public.

Your local public library’s computer training resources are likely extensive: most libraries don’t just offer computers accessible to the public and a broad array of computer books, they usually host excellent computer classes too.

A library is dedicated to bringing knowledge to the people, and that includes computer knowledge. Since a public library serves everyone, they often see themselves as having an obligation to help people who couldn’t get that knowledge any other way.

Free and Flexible Computer Classes

When a public library does a computer training course, it’s very likely the course will be free to anyone who wants to attend, or cost only a very tiny fee.  Even better, the courses are almost always scheduled for times that are convenient to people with day jobs. After all, if you haven’t been able to spend enough time to get a good hang of computers, it may well be because you were too busy working.

At the same time, public library computer training resources are often excellent resources to begin learning about new careers or developing skills that would enable you to change jobs. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re full of books on every conceivable subject… if you want to learn about anything new, a library is a good place to start even without their computers!

The classes and resources libraries offer take the concept even further, letting you get training in the basic skills you might need in order to try looking for work somewhere else. In the event you’re looking for something a library doesn’t teach directly, they can likely either point you at books on the subject or show you how to find other resources that can solve your problem.

When Was the Last Time You Visited Your Local Library?

Even if you aren’t looking to take a class or find a book on a new career, never underestimate the usefulness of your library’s free computer terminals. You can walk in, sit down, and start working or surfing the Internet.

It may be that you don’t have a computer at home… or it may just be that your home computer is too old or too occupied by other people for you to get any work done. Either way, a computer and Internet access is surprisingly important to getting even non-technical work these days.

By taking advantage of your public library’s free access to computers, you can find job listings, prepare a resume and a cover letter, and start applying for work.

Thinking About Starting a Business?

You can even take advantage of your public library to lay the groundwork for starting your own business — using the library’s resources to learn about accounting and marketing, and the computer terminals to get things started. Of course, this is a last resort if you’re in tough straits financially. Starting a business is risky enough without needing to dig yourself out of a hole as well.

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