Laptop Vs. Desktop – The Debate Continues

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Laptop or Desktop Computer

History then and Now

In the past, this was an easy choice; if you did not have a need for the benefits of a Laptop you simply chose a Desktop. This was mostly due to the huge price difference and the fact that from a performance standpoint, the Desktop was a MUCH better buy.

However, in today’s technologically advanced society you can purchase a Laptop that is not only comparable in performance but the price points have dropped considerably.

In fact a popular consumer magazine — sorry can’t mention the name in advertising – states that the capabilities of modern day Desktops and Laptops are virtually equal, it comes down to a matter of preference.

Which One Should You Choose?

But before you run off to buy that new Laptop or Desktop, you had better fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of your purchase.

Why Should You Buy a Laptop?

The primary advantage to owning a Laptop is its portability, its ability to be moved quickly and easily.

You can travel on business with it, take it with you on vacation and thanks to wireless networking you can sit outside on your patio or back yard and work with it. They require less space and because they come with a built in screen, you don’t really need too purchase a separate monitor.

You can basically do just about anything on a Laptop that you can do on a Desktop: work outside the office, write papers letters, surf the Internet, edit pictures, create videos, watch movies even play games.

Just think you can do this with a device that’s basically the size of a business portfolio.

Keep in mind however, that there are some disadvantages. The Laptops best advantage is also its greatest weakness. Since they are so portable, they can easily be stolen.

Scores of Laptops go missing each day out of office buildings, college dorm rooms and yes airport terminals.Statistics show that thousands of Laptop are stolen or lost each year.

I am sure that we can all recall news stories about Laptops that have come up missing with classified or very sensitive data on their storage drive.

Laptops can also be dropped, coffee gets spilled on them, they are tough to upgrade or repair especially the Laptop screens and don’t forget the batteries that help make them so portable need constant recharging and will eventually need to be replaced, costing you extra money.

Why Should You Buy a Desktop?

The Desktop is still considered the patriarchwell the matriarch of computing. Nowadays they come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for maximum flexibility, maximum power and the best bang for your buck$, it is simply the best choice. Desktops are always at the fore front of the technology curve. New components (i.e. CPU, memory, drives) will almost always debut in Desktops first.

The main advantage of Desktops is that from a performance perspective (speed, capacity, etc.) they are the best computers you can buy. In addition, they are among the cheapest and most economical computers as well.

Now for the disadvantages for one unlike there younger sibling the Laptop they are not very portable. Depending on the model you purchase, they can be very bulky, requiring lots of desk space and you will always need to purchase additional peripherals, like a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

A Few Final Words

As you have just read, both Laptops and Desktops have their benefits. If you travel or want portability you may want to consider a Laptop. If you want simply the best value for your money and you desire a stationery computer then by all means consider a Desktop. What do I think? It’s not my decision; you’ll have to decide for yourself, I am going to take the fifth this time…

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