Laptop LCD Screen Removal – Easy Step By Step Instructions

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How ToLaptop LCD Screen Removal – Easy Step By Step Instructions
By Keri Cooper

When the LCD panel in a laptop gets cracked, there is not much more that you can do about it other than simply replacing it.

The cost for the LCD panel itself will likely be fairly expensive. The process involved will be only slightly different between laptop makes and models, so these step by step instructions will apply to the vast majority of laptops.

Before you ever work on any of the hardware inside a laptop computer, always make sure the laptop is not connected to any power source and that the battery has been removed.

Have you have ever noticed the little rubber dots along the plastic edge, bezel, of your laptop screen? Those are actually screw hole covers. Start by carefully removing these with the edge of a very fine flat head screw driver and set them aside.

You could also use any fine pointed tool or the tip of a small knife. You can now access and remove the bezel screws.

Once the screws have been removed you can remove the actual bezel itself. This can be tricky because these need to be snapped out, and it often can make you think that you are pulling too hard on the bezel.

It is usually best to start at the upper edge along the display screen until one corner has snapped out, and then work your way around the edge unsnapping the bezel as you go.

Once the bezel has been removed you will want to remove the very tiny screws along the frame of the LCD panel. These secure the LCD panel to the rest of the laptop. Once this has been done you will be able to lay the screen down and unplug the video cable.

The video cable is a wide flat cable that will be around one to two and half inches wide or so. Many times this cable will have a piece of yellow tape over it.

Next you can remove the inverter cable. This usually has two wires connecting to a plastic end piece which clips into the inverter. There is usually one pink wire, and one white wire.

The inverter itself is an elongated, narrow circuit board contained within a clear plastic cover. There may be a screw in the inverter will have to be removed in order to unplug the wires.

Some models may require the removal of hinge screws. If your laptop has built in wireless capability there will be an addition wire to remove from the back of the screen when you are removing the video cable.

When removing these parts and screws during this process, it is a good idea to set them aside in an organized fashion that will allow you to work your way backwards through these steps when it comes time to install the replacement LCD screen.

Always be extra careful when handling the new replacement laptop LCD panel as these are easily scratched during the installation process.

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