Introducing “Blacks In Technology”

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Blacks In Technology ForumWhile doing research for an article about entry-level IT careers, I stumbled upon a new technology forum called “Blacks In Technology”.  While there, I thought I would pose the following questions:

Question 1 – Advice for someone between the ages of: 16-24, or the high school and college age?

Question 2 – Advice for someone much older and considering a career change?

You can read their responses by clicking on the link ==> Advice for Tech Newbies

The responses I received were very helpful and anyone interested in a career in IT would stand to benefit by reading through them. One thing I’ve learned over the years, is that the best way to learn or find out the truth about an industry, is to ask the people who are currently working in that field.

Thanks to all who provided responses, they were greatly appreciated!

Blacks In Technology is the largest online social community for Black technologists. It currently has over 740 members and is growing daily.  Blacks In Technology’s goal is to create an atmosphere where black technologists and engineers can network, learn, share knowledge and help one another develop and grow in their careers.

Blacks In Technology is the brain-child of Greg Greenlee. Greg is currently the owner and founder. He has more than 10 years of IT experience, including  several industry recognized certifications, such as the a CCNA Security certification, as well a degree in Computer Network Engineering.

To find out more about the “Blacks In Technology” forum, visit:

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