How Do Quad Core Processors Work?

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By Chris Cornell

A processor is the unit that read and executes computer program instructions. The instructions are either fixed or variable length of data, which guides the processor.

The original processors were invented with only one core. This core actually performs the reading and executing of instruction. Single core processors can handle only one instruction at a time. A dual core processor contains 2 cores, a quad core contains 4 cores and hex core contains 6 cores.

A quad core processor requires different components that work together to carry out the processor complete functions. For example, the motherboard and BIOS have to recognize the CPU. If this does not happen, the motherboard enables the system to send the processing requirements to the CPU. So, in this situation the quad core must sync with the hardware and it is only when this happens that the operating system recognizes the cores.

Old operating systems which support one core will not recognize a 4 core processor. Hence if it must be implemented, it is necessary to have a new operating system in place that is capable of offering support for quad core. The system must also have software is able to recognize the quad processor.

The functioning of the 4 core processor is pretty simple. The software tells the hardware to work, the hardware in turn tells the motherboard, which in turn tells the processor. The processors maintain an optimal speed when such actions take place.

Where are such processors required? Applications like games, graphics, media editing requires more processor power. Quad core processors support such applications since complex mathematical computations easily as the number of processor cores is large and this makes available more memory for processing.

If we take an example of a games application, quad processors can easily handle the basic tasks such as physics, sound, 3D rendering and computer algorithm, simultaneously. This is something that is needed for the game software to function properly. Since each of these tasks is handed over to independent cores the speed of game execution is increased.

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