CD-ROM Drive

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cd-rom-drive-johnz-pc-hutAlso Known As (A.K.A.)

  • CD-ROM Drive
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Multimedia Drive


What Is a CD-ROM Drive?

Very similar to the CD-ROM player in your home stereo system or favorite Boom-Box, minus most of the buttons.


What Does a CD-ROM Drive Do?

Virtually no different than your home CD-ROM. However, unlike your CD-ROM player, where all the controls are on the front panel, a PC CD-ROM drive is controlled by software on your computer.

Like the CD-ROM Disc, the CD-ROM drive has had one of the most significant impacts on multimedia. Most modern day drives can play all types of CD-ROM discs including music, access data, DVD, picture CD’s as well as three dimensional animation (games) CD’s.  CD-ROM drives have advanced to the point that they can also record (CDR) and rewrite (CD-RW) to blank discs.


Who Makes CD-ROM Drives?


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