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thief.gifShe spoke softly and pleasantly. Her voice had the ability to put you at ease. She made you feel confident that everything was going to be al right; your investment was in good hands.

However, in the end, Ashley Sears (if that is really her name) proved to be no more than your common everyday internet thief.

Ashley said that she had 10+ years in the industry and that many of her client’s websites had done very well. She even went as far as to say that a recent client had made approximately $18,000 in his first month alone.

Yes according to Ms. Sears, she and her company Advertising Unlimited, LLC was going to help me make a lot of money on the Internet.

Initially I had some concerns about spending anything more than a couple of hundred dollars, but she assured me that the more I invested the more I would make, there was nothing to it, so I committed $5,000.

Red Flag #1
The fact there was no information on the Internet about Ashley Sears, should have been a cause for concern, but how could someone with such a sweet and calming voice be a crook.

A few weeks later, my faith was shattered when I started to talk to some of the other clients who like me had invested lots of money but was not seeing the results that were promised. There was one gentleman that had invested more than $7,000, and only made a couple of hundred dollars after a whole year.

But what really concerned me was the article I discovered on ripoffreport.com implicating Ashley Sears in a string of credit card scams:


This was where she and her cronies were posing as a financial company called Financial Freedom/Financial Peaks. Incidentally, the web site for this company looks exactly like the Advertising Unlimited, LLC website (see pictures below).





Also is Ashley in the advertising business, financial business or does she sell jewelry? You decide…

Red Flag #2
My fears were further confirmed when I was finally able to talk to an internal source who was able to assure me that not one of the client sites was earning more than a $100 dollars. That source was also surprised that people were being asked to invest so much.

Another cause for concern was when Advertising Unlimited, LLC, nor the web hosting company, Turn-Key Internet Solutions, LLC would agree to supply click through statistics. It has been my understanding that this is an industry best practice. This leads me to conclude that the traffic being directed to my ecommerce website, www.ICome2Shop.com might be fraudulent.

No matter how smart we think we are; there is always someone waiting to scam us and separate us from our money. In addition, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Finally, never be in a hurry to make a decision, if you are being pressured to do something… Just hang up… Good luck and be careful out there…