IBM Predicts the End of the Digital Divide Soon

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Source of the article: CNN

Is the End of the Digital Divide Near?

A Wall Dividing Two PeopleIBM recently released its annual 5 in 5 list, in which the technology company tries to predict emerging trends and technologies that will transform our lives over the next five years.

No. 4 on this year’s list concerned mobile technology. Specifically, IBM says that, thanks to mobile technology, the digital divide will soon cease to exist…[Read the Full Article]

What is a Digital Divide?

Note: The Digital Divide refers to any inequalities between groups, in terms of access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies. The best example is the perceived digital divide right here in the United States of America.  Agencies such as Gartner have been discussing and debating this since the early 2000’s.

Sound Off!

This issue has been debated for the past 10 years, the “Haves” vs. “The Have-Nots”. Isn’t that just the way the world works? What are your thoughts about the digital divide?

In life, they say that you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.  How would you resolve the situation?

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