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There's More to the iPhone Than Its Initial Price

by Johnny Rogers

The good news: It's not as bad as we feared.  All plans include unlimited email and web, rollover minutes, unlimited mobile-to-mobile, and 200 text messages a month.

All except the cheapest plan include unlimited nights and weekends minutes; the cheapest plan includes a mere 5,000 of those.


The bad news: It's still going to cost you a pretty penny if you're used to paying $40 a month for a basic service plan.

Real Cost of iPhone: Service Plan Revealed, it will cost:

  • $60 a month for 450 minutes
  • $80 for 900 minutes
  • $100 for 1350 minutes

If you need even more minutes, plans continue to climb up to $220 a month for a whopping 6000 minutes.

Rumor dispelled: There is no voice-only option for the iPhone.

Also, bare in mind, that you will need data service to do all the cool email and web-mapping stuff that you may have seen during the pre-sales launch.  Otherwise, guess what? It's just an iPhone you can only make phone calls with and play a few songs.