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Apple's New iPhone Information

by Michael Ferrerya

With Apple's major success with their iPod, the most popular form of MP3 player, they were sure to expand and come out with their own version of a cell phone. Apple has dominated the industry of MP3 players and has managed to sell millions of iPods all over the world, along with millions of songs through their own online music store.

The cell phone industry has evolved and so has the technology. Nearly every single cell phone comes equipped with a screen that plays video, and a camera. Apple's newer versions of the iPod have screen that have the ability to play videos. Now Apple has taken their popular and advanced technologies to the next level with the iPhone, combining the functions of a cell phone, Internet communication device, as well as a "wide screen" iPod with easy to use touch controls.

Apple made their iPhone exclusive to AT&T and Cingular, which means these phone companies are the only two who can offer you service for your iPhone. The Apple iPhone is supposed to be released sometime in June. It will be interesting to see the other companies and manufacturers scramble to make their own version of the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone will run on the most recent MAC operating system for its Internet and video functions. It also comes equipped with a 2 megapixel camera and has the ability to run Google maps, conference calling, text, and multimedia messaging. These are all must have functions for anyone on the go these days, especially the younger generation. The iPhone will also have Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, as well as Email software and a browser.

The new iPhone will have a combination of the latest, most popular technologies. In fact it doesn't have a keypad at all, except for a "home" button. The controls are operated on a 3.5 inch square touch screen. Many pre-release reviews of the iPhone are positive and say that the photo and video quality is amazing. There is basically one giant touch screen that you use to control the phone, the picture component, and the videos. You will never have to use a stylus again! When you want to send a text message to someone you can use the onscreen keyboard which is also controlled by touch.

Apple will be offering a 4GB version of the iPhone for the price of $499 with a two year contract. If you want to double your space then you can go with the 8GB version of the iPhone for the low price of $599, only $100 more than the 4GB. To some these may seem like expensive phones, but when you really think about it iPod's run you about $300. Then you add on the costs of a cell phone. Apple can charge this because there are going to be many dedicated Apple fans that will have no problem spending that much money on an Apple iPhone. Michael is a writer for Everything iPhone, where he writes about iPhone cases and reports the latest iPhone news.

Michael is a writer for Everything iPhone, where he writes about iPhone cases and reports the latest iPhone news. Michael Ferrerya may be contacted at or