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The Count Down is On - iPhone Will Not Be Available in all Stores

by Johnny Rogers - June 29, 2007

After talking to a few store managers and reps, it would appear that the iPhone will not be available in some stores...maybe not even most stores.

The first store I visited was only assisting customers who stopped by, with purchasing the iPhone over the Internet.  That young lady also mentioned that there would be a small fee assistance.  A fee to do something I can do myself...What's up with that?

Apple iPhone
Store Number 1


Store number 2, would not provide any information, but would only suggest that I return at 6pm, which of course is the when phone officially goes on sales.  However, I did notice that this was the only store that had an armed guard posted inside (hint, hint?).

Apple iPhone
Store Number 2


The third store I visited, the rep just came right out and said "We will not have any phones, it is only at select sores, so don't waste your time here, go to the Apple website."

Store Number 3

If I only had the time to visit only one store, I know which one I would take a chance on...:-)