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iPhone Questions and Answers

Q1. Will iPhone work with my PC and Microsoft Windows?

     Yes. iPhone works with Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2), and Windows Vista. See specifications for more details.

Q2. Can I use my iPhone internationally?

     iPhone is a quad-band GSM phone and will work around the world. Before you travel, make sure that international dialing and roaming are enabled through AT&T and that the places you’re going offer GSM coverage. Visit AT&T help for more information.


Q3. What email systems does iPhone support?

iPhone supports the most popular email standards — IMAP and POP3. Check with your email provider to make sure the provider uses these standards. iPhone works with most popular email services, including Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail, AOL, and .Mac Mail. Yahoo! Mail supports “push” email and can automatically deliver new email messages to your iPhone.


Q4. What kind of security features does iPhone offer?

    You can protect your iPhone with a four-digit password, which is then required whenever iPhone is turned on or wakes from sleep. For secure Internet access, iPhone supports industry-standard Wi-Fi security and virtual private networking (VPN).


Q5. How do I charge my new iPhone?

    Like an iPod, your iPhone charges using the included USB 2.0 cable connected to your computer or to the included USB Power Adapter.


Q6.When does iPhone sync my contacts and calendar?

  iPhone syncs your contacts and calendar whenever you connect iPhone to your computer.


Q7. Can I view regular websites on iPhone or just mobile websites?

     With the Safari web browser on iPhone, you can surf websites just as you do on your personal computer. You’re not limited to mobile WAP sites.


Q8. Can I surf the web on iPhone without a Wi-Fi connection?

    Yes. When a Wi-Fi connection is not available, you can access the Internet using AT&T’s EDGE data network.


Q9. How does iPhone send and receive email?

iPhone sends and receives email over Wi-Fi and EDGE wireless networks.


Q10.Can I send and receive email from more than one account?

     Yes. You can send and receive email from multiple email accounts on your iPhone.


Q11. What types of email attachments can I view on iPhone?

     iPhone displays most picture attachments (JPEG, GIF, and TIFF) in-line with the text in email messages. iPhone can also view PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel email attachments.


Q12. Can I “unlock” iPhone and use it with another wireless carrier?

     AT&T is the exclusive wireless carrier for iPhone in the United States. If you currently use another wireless carrier, you can choose to transfer your number when you activate your AT&T account.


Q13. Can I transfer my mobile phone number to my new iPhone?

     Yes, you can transfer most current mobile numbers to a new iPhone.


Q14. How long does it take to activate my new iPhone?

     Activation times can vary, but if you’re setting up a new line, it may take as little as a few minutes. If you’re porting a number from another carrier, it could take longer. While you’re waiting, you can make calls but not receive them.


Q15 Can I transfer contacts from my current mobile phone to my new iPhone?

     Yes. You should first transfer all your contact information to Microsoft Outlook on a PC or Address Book or Entourage on a Mac. Then you can sync your iPhone with your computer to put your contacts into your iPhone.


Q16. Does every iPhone rate plan come with unlimited data?

     Yes. Every AT&T service plan for iPhone comes with unlimited data for web browsing and email. Current AT&T customers must add an iPhone Data Plan to their current plan or upgrade to an iPhone plan. Every plan also includes Visual Voicemail and at least 200 SMS text messages, with more SMS messages available at additional cost.


Q17. Can I use the SIM card from my current mobile phone?

     You should use the SIM card that came preinstalled in the iPhone.


Q18. Do I pay my monthly iPhone bill using iTunes?

     You pay your monthly iPhone bill directly to AT&T.


Q19. Can I use iPod accessories with my new iPhone?

     iPhone has the same 30-pin dock connector as the iPod, so many properly designed accessories can be used with both iPhone and iPod. However, iPhone may cause audio interference with some iPod accessories. Products that are engineered and certified to be compatible with the iPhone will carry the “Works with iPhone” logo on their packaging.


Q20. What kind of headphones can I use with iPhone?

     iPhone has a standard 3.5-mm headphone jack, so it is compatible with most portable stereo headphones. Some stereo headphones may require an adapter (sold separately) to ensure proper fit.


Q21. Can I use my Bluetooth headset with iPhone?

     iPhone is designed to work best with the Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset. Most other Bluetooth headsets will also work with iPhone.