I Want To Use My Computer But Where Do I Start?

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How ToSo you want to learn to use a computer but where do you begin? That is a great question.

There are so many things to learn and so many different ways to learn it is often hard to know where to begin.

Step 1: Determine what category you fit into (Scroll down to the one that fits you.)

  1. “I’ve never touched a computer so I’m afraid I will lose everything if I begin to try.” Or “I’m too old to get this new fangled stuff.”
  2. ” I have been self-taught by trial and error and now I really want to learn.”
  3. ” I have been working in computers for a while and now I want to change careers into the computer/IT field”. By the way, “IT” stands for Information Technology. Or maybe you need to learn programs to advance in your current career…more

Step 2: Determine what software products you want to learn or certifications you want to obtain.

Okay, you have identified what category you are in. Now you need to determine what software products you need to learn or what certification you want to obtain. Click here for a listing of different software products and certifications to help you find what you are looking for…more

Step 3: Determine your learning style and what media would help you to best learn.

We all learn a little differently. This is why the training industry offers so many options for learning. One style does not fit everyone. Also one style may not fit a single person. For example, when starting with computers you may need to take an instructor-led class to learn the basics to get you going. An instructor-led class is with fellow students, just like school. Once you have that under your belt you may be just fine learning on your own…more

Step 4: Begin learning!

Now you are ready to learn! You’ve determined what you want to learn, how you best learn and what media fits your learning style (books, CD, online, etc). You can now begin your wonderful adventure of learning to use the computer to better yourself, personally and professionally…more

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Beth Sunny is the President of Software Training Resources. Beth has been in the industry for over 15 years as a computer trainer, writer, and publisher. She is the webmaster of ShaperTraining.com – a Computer Training Resource Center for Personal and Professional Success.