I Still Hate email Spam!

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no-spamWhen I was growing up as a kid in Chicago, we didn’t have much money and spam was on the menu at least once a week.

I know my mother was just trying to make ends meet but I never gained an appreciation for compressed meat.

BTW, what is spam made out of anyway?

Now that I am all grown up and can pick and choose what I want on the dinner table, I can now leave spam off the menu.

Unfortunately, a new kind of spam has emerged, E-mail Spam, A.K.A. unsolicited e-mail.

I recently traveled out of town on business and chose not to read my personal e-mail while I was away.  However, upon arriving home and opening my mail I was treated to 3,000+ emails.

Studies show that the average person spends almost an hour each day just tending to e-mails and of the emails that are looked at approximately 98% of them are unwanted spam.  Spam on the Internet has become totally out of control.

In a recent interview, Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of modern day email, said:

I didn’t see spam coming

Well Ray… it came and it’s become a major headache for all of us that have to suffer through thousands of pieces of electronic junk mail.

Thanks a lot Ray

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