How to Install and Use CPUID (CPU-Z) Software

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CPUID a.k.a. CPU-Z is great utility that when installed on your computer will allow you to find out information about the parts inside of your computer.  For example you can learn what:

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Motherboard
  • Graphics (video) Card
  • …And More

Here is how you can get your own copy.

Download Steps

1. From your browser go to the CPUID CPU CPU-Z website by typing in in the browser address window.

Note: You can also go directly to: This helps to eliminate you accidentally downloading and installing one of the other software programs on the home page.

2.  You Can select the latest version of CPUID, by clicking on the software tab or by Selecting the CPU-Z (Purple) icon on the left of slider.  I recommend that you click the slider icon, clicking the software tab adds a step of click another purple icon.  This takes you to the CPU-z info page.

3. Once on the info page, you are given the choice of downloading the software by clicking on the CPU-Z (purple) icon on the right sidebar or selecting the link “Free CPU-Z Download”.  The way I recommend is to use the purple icon on the right.  For this video it’s labeled “1.70 setup english”.

Note: Clicking the “Free CPU-Z Download” will take you off-page to the download page for the download.

4. This will take you to the to the download page.  Once there, click the purple “Download Now” button.  You will see a “Popup box” prompting you to save or cancel the file.  Clicking save will start the download process and the file will be saved to your computer.

Note: Depending on your computer operating system and browser settings the download location may be different.  For this video the file cpu-z_1.70-setp-en.exe will go to the download folder.

Installing the software

5. Locate the file in your download folder and execute it. This can be done by a double-clicking the file or right clicking on the file and selecting “Open” or “Run”.

Follow the installation instructions and once the process is done you will be given a “Finish” button to click as an indication that the process is complete.

Note: During the install process the correct operating system version 32 or 64-bit version will be determined, automatically so you don’t have to worry about that.

Running the software – Steps

6. Locate the icon or button to execute or start CPU-Z and click/select it.

7. You will be shown a pop-up box that asks “Do You Want Allow the Following Program to Make changes to your computer?” Select yes and CPU-z will begin identifying the components inside of your computer.

8. Once the identification process is complete, you will see the results shown as tabs, starting with the “CPU” as the default.  Select the tab you want to view. For example if you want to see what motherboard you have installed click that tab.

That’s all to it and when you are done just close the program by clicking on the “OK” button at the bottom left.