How to Edit a Received Message in Microsoft Outlook

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How ToWhile trying to figure out a way to edit the subject line within Microsoft Outlook I stumbled upon a really interesting blog called Springhouse.

It is actually an education consulting company that just happens to have a blog and just happened to have a section where they routinely have posts on Microsoft Office “How-To’s”.¬†Incidetially, here is the how-to tip:

While looking at your Inbox go to View/ Current View / Customize Current View. Click on the Other Settings button. There is a check box along the right that says Allow In Cell Editing. Click that check box and you can now edit your subject line.

I also found another way which is a little quicker and allows you to make edits to your Outlook messages on the fly. You can check it out below.

To edit an email you have received in Outlook:

  1. Double-click the desired message to open it in its own window.
  2. Select Other Actions | Edit Message from the toolbar.
  3. In Outlook, select Edit | Edit Message from the menu.
  4. Make all desired changes in the message body and Subject: line.
  5. Press Ctrl-S to save your changes….That’s it you’re done