How to Download, Install and Use Speccy Software

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What is Speccy?

Speccy is a free MS Windows based software utility that let’s you see hardware and software information on your computer, such as Processor (CPU), Memory (RAM) and Video info.

Here are the steps to Download, install and use Speccy:

1. Open up a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). For this video we are using a version of Internet Explorer.

2. Type in the web address: in the address windows and hit enter key.

3. You have a choice of selecting 2 versions, FREE and Paid.  For the sake of this example, select the free version.

4. You have 2 locations to download the file from: FileHippo or Piriform. You will need to choose one.  For this example we will choose Piriform because it automatically starts the download process.

5. Go to your download folder or where your downloaded files get stored and install the program.  Follow the instructions that you are presented with.

6. Run the program and view the summary and detail pages for each component displayed.

7. When you are done, you can click and exit the program by clicking in the top left.

That’s all to it.  Good Job!