How to Change Your LinkedIn Password

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Update Your Linkedin Password NOW!

By now I am sure that you have heard that the Social Media website, may have experienced a data loss of user passwords. It is being reported in the media that a hacker may have obtained as many as 6.4 million LinkedIn passwords, maybe even yours.

Whether it is true or not I highly recommend that you change your password immediately. Here’s how you do it…

Steps to Change Linkedin Password:

1. Log in to LinkedIn – Open up your web browser and enter (type in) in the address window

2. Click Settings – From the “home page” at the top right just above the search box there should be your name along with a down arrow. Hover your cursor over the arrow and you should be presented with “settings” click on it and then you’ll be asked for your current password to continue.

3. Click the link to change password – below link to set up your primary address or to add new mail ID

4. You will be provided a pop up box. Now enter your old password, your new password and then confirm your new password

5. Click change password… That’s it!  You’re done…

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