Hey! Let’s Give Bill Gates a Break…Please?

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Bill Gates of MicrosoftEvery year Rescuecom publishes its annual ‘Top 5 Computer Problems Report’ and each year problems associated with Microsoft Windows is always at the top.

Hardware problems, slow computer, Internet connectivity problems and data recovery/backup rounded out the top five problems.

While I recognize that Windows is not the easiest OS to use, and while the release of MS Vista has been less than perfect, I must admit that I love using Windows XP.

Shouldn’t we give Bill Gates a break?  Has Bill and Microsoft become the whooping boy for all that is wrong with technology?

Think about it — his operating system works (most of the time) with several software programs and runs on numerous PC hardware configurations usually without a hitch.

Microsoft, in its pursuit to be ‘All things to All People’ may have sometimes promised too much or over-stepped its boundaries, but in general haven’t they been good for the industry?

How many of you MCSE’s, MCSA’s, MCP’s…or all of you MC-whatevers might be doing something else for a living if it were not for Bill?

Something paying a lot less…

BTW…Has Apple been perfect?  How many jobs have they created?  Are you proud to be Apple Certified?