Help Desk Callers from Hell

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Image of help-desk-technician-johnzpchutIn the world of tech support and systems integration, you are only as good as the last person you have helped. But along the way to helping, you sure do meet some very interesting people.

This article “10+ Most Dangerous Species of Help Desk Callers” by Jeff Dray and Bill Detwiler of TechRepublic does a great job of capturing the essence of the different types of help desk callers you’re bound to encounter.

I remember the time when one of my users, bought a cellular modem for his laptop and wanted me to help him make it work on his laptop. The problem was that was that, the version of OS that the laptop image was built on would not allow the modem work and did not have drivers.

The biggest problem was that he told me, that I had to make it work because he turned off his regular phone service at home to save money. It would have helped if he had of checked with me first before he did that.

Take a look through the pictures as you read the article and see if any of these people remind you of someone who you’ve had to deal with. I, especially like the one called:

“The Expert”: Userus Expertia – “The Expert” user is the curse of most IT support establishments. Experts try out something they heard about from “the bloke in the pub,” an unqualified expert on everything who offers advice to anyone who will listen. Experts usually make a complete mess of their systems when they follow the bloke’s advice. Then they compound the problem by trying to fix it themselves, often destroying their machines. As a last resort, they call the help desk and demand that their machines be replaced or mended immediately, as they have urgent work that can’t wait…Read and view all of them

It was “deja vu” for me…LOL!


Image Credit Microsoft ClipArt

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