Five Favorite Windows 8 Preview Apps

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Image of Debs windows-8 desktopBy: Debra Shinder

Windows 8 Preview Apps

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out, along with a limited number of preview apps designed to showcase the new Metro style.

Some apps, such as Mail, Messaging, Camera, Maps, People, Reader, Weather, and IE, come pre-installed. Nearly 100 free apps are available in the Windows Store…

Deb provides a list of her 5 favorite apps out of the selection available, both pre-installed and downloadable from the Store…[Read Full Posting]

My thoughts

I have previewed Windows 8 and I do like it for the most part. However, some think that it reminds them too much of an android phone and some say that the new screen is plain and unimaginative.

Have you tried Windows 8 Preview yet?   What do you think about Windows 8?

Try Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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