Experts Say that Tablet and Cloud Computing will Dominate the Future

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Image of voosoo-Tablet-PCIs the end of the Personal Computer Near?

Here is another article where the author claims that tablets will eventually replace the traditional PC.  Michelle Maltais of the LA Times writes:

A paradigm shift may be coming to the digital lifestyle. Instead of the PC being the center of the personal computing universe, consumers will be opting for tablets as their primary computing device and relying on cloud storage to access their content across their devices, according to a new report.  “This burgeoning market is set to disrupt the personal computing device and OS markets,” says the report from Forrester Research on the future of computing…[read full article]

In the article Michelle also interviews Frank Gillette, principal analyst on Forrester’s business technology futures team. Gillette, believes that the PC will be re-defined:

 “This will enable full voice control and dictation, increased gesture control, more situational context, better accessory integration, and software that anticipates a user’s needs.”

“PC no longer will mean personal computers — instead it will be the full spectrum of personal computing, from personal cloud services to the broad range of personal technology used for work, including tablets, smartphones, and frames”

A New Hybrid PC

Now I do not disagree with Frank Gillette, I think that will eventually happen one day, but that day is several years away, more than the few years that they think it will happen.  In their current state tablets still do not have the raw processing power to completely serve as an alternative to the PC. Also, cloud computing continues to have consumer trust and security issues that have yet to be dealt with.

I think the PC is here to stay, but will undergo a kind of transformation.  I see an era where tablet and PC’s will co-exist or be merged into a type of hybrid PC, portable enough to take with you for mobile purposes, yet able to be docked into a station at home or in the office that provides a much needed boost of computing power for those tasks that the tablet (including the iPad) cannot handle.

Just my two cents… What are your thoughts on the subject?

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