Does Anyone Go to the Library Anymore?

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Public Libraries are an important part of our communities, they help millions of people across the country everyday.  In case you didn’t know, the local library supports all forms of literacy (especially computer literacy) and encourage a lifetime love of learning.

Libraries, my Personal Testimony

With the advancements in technology, many are claiming that there is no use for public libraries anymore. I for one disagree, my family and I are regulars at the local libraries in our area.  I am all for the Internet, I have a computer, a smart-phone and a tablet, which I use for e-reading. But there is something about placing a book in your hand and reading it that still warms my heart.  What about you, when was the last time you visited your local library?

Libraries are More than Just Books

These days our local public libraries have more than books. Since this is a computer training site, I feel that it’s my duty to mention that libraries are also great places for obtaining I/T skills training. Many libraries offer  training from how to use the latest office software, such as Microsoft Office to where you can even learn basic computing to basic programming skills.

Free Computer Training

What’s even more exciting is that these services are often provided free of charge. Those of you who are going through a career transition and need to learn new computer skills, would do well to contact, or visit your local library. It might just change your life!

How do I Find a Public Library Near Me?

Celebrate National Library Week!

For at least one week and throughout much of April, many of our nation’s local public libraries celebrate “National Library Week” (or Month).  During April many libraries will be promoting the value of public libraries, librarians, library services and their programs and resources.

National Library Week Promotional Video

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