How Connecting our Computers has Changed Our World

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network-cableWe’ve Come a Long Way from Dial-up

If there is anyone area of technology that has lead to the proliferation of the Internet, it would be the advancements in computer networks. We have come a long way from the screech of our dial-up connections and first Internet Service Providers.

The improvements in this one area has brought us the Internet and the World Wide Web or web for short. It has helped to usher in all of the things we have come to know love such as:

  • Being able access and research tons of information from areas all over the world
  • We can now download enormous data files
  • The ability to stream and watch entire movies online
  • A video revolution because of sites like YouTube and Vimeo
  • And let us not forget those great time-wasters… Social Media. Can we ever go back to a time where there was no Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Instagram?

However, for all the good that has come out of being able to leverage computer network technology, it has not been without its troubles. Improvements in technology has also lead to a dramatic increase in cyber scams and online fraud.  I encourage you to check out some of our pages about various aspects of Computer Networks.

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