The Digital Divide In depth

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digital-divideThe Digital Divide and American SocietyA Report on the Digital Divide and is Social and Economic Implications for our Nation and its Citizens.

During October 2000, the Gartner Group Published an article titled ” The Digital Divide and American Society“.

In this article the Gartner Group talked about the growing disparity of the haves and the have-nots in the technological age.– A report on the digital divide can be found here (Global Perspective). is an international organization with a mission to promote the effective use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the developing world for meaningful purposes, such as better healthcare, education and self-sustaining economic development.


Barriers To Leaping The Digital Divide
Barriers to Leaping the Digital Divide. Educators are either ignorant of, or naive about, the powerful Digital Divide. between American education and American society, at-large. This will download a report titled “Nowhere_In_Technology”.


Falling Through the Net
Falling Through the Net: Falling Through the Net: 1. Defining the Digital Divide… 2. Disparities in Access to Electronic Services… 3. Expanding Digital Divide…


Thinking About Community Technology and the Digital Divide – Why Access is Important
There’s a bittersweet pleasure in watching the media love the Digital Divide halfway to death. Five years ago, the problem didn’t even have a name. Today it’s discussed everywhere, from pool halls to the White House.


More Articles and Searches About the Digital Technology Divide
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