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FREE Help for New Computer Users

computer trainingIn an effort to help bridge the great technology divide, I have created my own Community Tech Help Center.

In the Community Tech Help Center (CTHC) you will find information on FREE technology access opportunities, resources, support and training.

While I realize that people need more than access to technology to better themselves, the fact remains, everybody should have access to the same technology whether they put it to use or not.

Free and Low-Cost Computer Training

A list of places and sites that that provide personal computer training for little or no cost at all…[read more]

Becoming Computer (PC) Certified

If you have looked at other computer and computer careers related sites, chances are good that — unless you are already a die-hard techie — you have thrown your hands up in frustration…[read more]

Finding a Tech Help Center In Your Area

There are many ways to realize one’s full potential in life. Sometimes all it takes is a little help. This section contains information about places and links that greatly aid you in finding a Tech Help Center right in your area…[read more]

Starting Your Own Tech Help Center

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar firmly believes that the best way to get everything in life you want is to help enough other people get what they need in life.

If you are interested in creating or just learning how to start your own community technology help center spend sometime looking at this section…[read more]

What is This Digital Divide?

Helping People to Help Themselves – In a nutshell, the digital divide plays to the notion that the internet is such a powerful tool that if the underprivileged (have-nots) had more access to it, they would be greatly aided in empowering themselves economically, so-to-speak…[read more]

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