What are the Benefits of a Computer Network?

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I recently completed a survey of small businesses and I was shocked at the number of small businesses that had multiple computers, but did not have them networked (connected) together.

Why Does My Business Need A Network?

A very good question, I’m happy you asked it. Maybe you don’t, but I am willing to bet that your small business could benefit greatly from one. There are reasons for having a network, but let’s take a quick step back and make sure you understand what a network really is.

Just What the Heck Is Networking Anyway?

Networking is the ability (while using a computer) to share resources with another computer. At its most elementary level, a computer network consists of two (or more) computers linked together; this allows them to communicate with each other to share:

  • Data (Computer Files)
  • A single printer
  • The Same Internet Connection
  • Benefits of Networking

The primary benefit of networking computers in your business is that everyone can use certain files, folders and a printer. This happens when the owner of a computer makes files, folders or a connected printer available to others on the network through a process called “sharing.” Once files, folders or a printer are shared, others on the network can then access them.

Okay, you’ve sold Me, Now What?

Networking your small business so you can easily share internet connections, files and printers doesn’t require a major commitment of time or expense. All that is required are two or more computers, a network card for each computer, a router, network cables and a little technical know-how. Many computer repair shops can handle this task for you quickly and inexpensively.

Johnny Rogers is a local business technologist with more than ten years of personal computing experience. You can find more of his articles by visiting his website johnzpchut.com or by sending him an email at talk2john@johnzpchut.com

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