Companies who only Hire Military Veterans – Many Challenges

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Guest Blogger: Lance Winslow

You know, there are some companies which only hire combat veterans. That sounds like a pretty good idea to me, especially as many soldiers are coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq, and it’s hard for them to get work. Further, many folks don’t understand their brashness, or take charge attitude. Folks in the United States have become quite weak, and with all this group-think and playing patty-cake in committees and meetings at our largest corporations they just don’t understand these returning veterans. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Not long ago, I was talking to an Army Ranger who was on disability after serving several tours, he also had tore up his shoulder while in training doing sparring but he was still as tough as they come. He realized that with his quick ability to ramp up chemicals in his brain, that he was too quick to the draw, and a little too aggressive to work in a modern Corporation where everyone has been dummied down by our school system and just sits there like brain-dead employees doing whatever they’re told. Therefore, he now runs his own small business, and he is doing okay, even though he has challenges due to his disability.

It turns out, that there have been folks who have tried to file lawsuits with companies which only hire military veterans because they say that is discrimination. It’s amazing the amount of laws we have confining and regulating human resources and employment in this country. Certainly companies which only hire veterans of the military can solve this problem using the free market. However once we get lawyers involved, they’re damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. Some of these folks coming back are quite aggressive, and they may even have PTSD issues.

If a former soldier has anger management issues, and in a Corporation if they go off on another employee who acts persnickety, or plays those little sandbox games they do in grade school, the combat soldier might actually end up getting into a brawl with them, albeit an extremely short one. Then the police show up, and the human resource department has to let them go. Thus, it might be a little difficult for them to hold down a job.

However if a company only hires military veterans, then they know how to deal with that, they understand, and a quick yelling match is over with fairly fast and they go about their business without any problem – the next day they are all friends again, no harm, no foul. Are you beginning to understand why this is important? In any case, it was great to talk to someone who has served this great nation of ours, and to get his personal perspective on this.

I thanked him for the service to our great country; and he said; “you are welcome it was my pleasure.” Indeed, at this point I must say I agree with him about the challenges here, and applaud his exemplary service. I thought you should know. Please consider all this and think on it.

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Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative eBook on Careers and Employment. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank;

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  • Do you feel that corporate America has been dummied-down by our school system? Do you care to elaborate?
  • Is if fair for companies to hire a 22 year old who has served a tour in the military versus a recent 22 year old college graduate who has invested thousands of dollars earning a degree?

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